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Blog post: Decision time!

I’ve been wanting/meaning to upgrade my graphics table from my dependable but not entirely optimal Wacom Intuos Pro for a while now, so this seems like a good time to do it, but it’s causing me a lot of head scratching. The natural option is to stick with Wacom and go for a Cintiq (a 13HD — everything else is way outside my price range), but despite the brand name it seems to have a few issues that give me pause — the stand is, by all accounts, awful, the cable placement seems awkward and prone to damage, and it actually has fewer express keys than the Intuos Pro which is just crazy. There are a lot of off-brand alternatives, and for the same money you can get hold of a much larger display, but for the most part they don’t inspire confidence; the exception to this is the Huion KAMVAS GT156 HD which I’m giving some serious consideration — it looks more like a tablet and less like a monitor than the other alternatives, and from what I can tell it avoids all the weaknesses of the Cintiq although it adds a couple of its own (no tilt sensitivity on the pen, a fairly basic driver, and potentially some tracking issues) — but as I’m unable to test drive either of them before I pony up the cash it’s pretty much a crapshoot.

I’m going to take another couple of days to mull it over, but I have a feeling I’m going to go for the path of least resistance and stick with Wacom in the end. EIther way, I will post my impressions once I’ve given the new toy a spin…

Blog post: New year, new start, and some plans…

Y’all are strangers on the internet so I won’t go into too much detail on my personal life, but I threw away the love of my life recently and I’m hurting bad; I’ve had breakups before, but this one feels different somehow. Anyway, in the interests of trying to distract myself from my own stupidity and as an outlet for all the stuff going on in my head I’ve thrown myself well and truly behind my art, and so far I’m showing no signs of slowing down so I thought I’d try and do something useful with it too.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to tidy the website up and move it to a sensible domain (I pretty much threw this together in an hour and threw it on one of my empty domains as a starting point), start seriously hunting for a commercial outlet for this stuff (my first thought is weddings; people throw money around for those things, and who wouldn’t want the big day commemorated in some way), ramp up my social media presence (find me on Facebook and Instagram, and please share them as much as possible), get some promotional materials printed up, call in a few favours, and see what the future holds. I don’t expect to make big bucks from it, and certainly for now I will be relying on my regular job for mundanities like food and rent, but the great thing about the future is that anything could happen. (Although in fairness, that’s also the bad thing about it.)

I’ll also be blogging fairly regularly, although hopefully they’ll be more relevant than this one — maybe some behind the scenes stuff, some details on the tools I use, that sort of thing — and I may even do “live painting” via Twitch/YouTube at some point, so why not follow along?